I want to rent a projector – what do I do?

Please use our convenient online form for a quote or to order.

We can usually accommodate same day or short notice rentals.

We will email a quote to you (usually within a few hours) for review.  There is no obligation.

Can I get a projector last minute on weekends or evenings?

Most of the times yes.  Just fill out our online order form.  The form sets off alarms everywhere!!

Do we require a deposit?

No.  We do require a credit card number and drivers license number for security.  The credit card will only be charged if the projector is damaged, lost or stolen.

Do the projectors have sound/speakers?

Some do, some don’t.  But either way do NOT rely on the projectors audio.  You will need some other device for sound (ie. boom box, receiver w/speakers, amplified speakers, laptop speakers).

What can the projector display?

  • Movies (DVD, VHS Player or computer)
  • TV (cable box, streaming laptop/tablet)
  • Computer Presentations (ie. Powerpoint)
  • Gaming Systems (ie. Xbox, PS2, PS3, Wii)
  • Slide Shows (computer, DVD Player)

What devices can I connect to the projectors?

  • DVD Player
  • Cable box
  • VHS Player
  • Computer (desktop or laptop) (Mac’s or PC’s)
  • Gaming Systems (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii)

All the projectors have HDMI input.

Can I use a Mac laptop?

Yes. We have all the adapters needed to use Mac laptops.

How far away from the screen does the projector need to be?

Anywhere from 4 feet to 40 feet.  The further away – the bigger the image will be but it will
also be dimmer.  For a 6’x6′ image on a screen expect to have the projector about 10-15
feet away. If you are short on space the short throw projectors only require 3-4ft to project a 7ft image.

Will I need a screen?

That depends on how sharp you want the image.  You can use a sheet or wall but the image won’t be as sharp and colorful as with a screen.

I’m not very good at hooking stuff up – is it hard?

No.  The projectors are very easy to use.  If you pickup bring your laptop/tablet or whatever and we will show you how to use everything and make sure you get all the cables and/or adapters.

For additional help please click here: Troubleshooting Guide.